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Message from the President

Since the establishment in 1978, as a national non-profit research institute for environmental protection, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) has already gained notable fruits in fields of environmental capacity, prevention and control of acid rain and lake eutrophication, water pollution remediation and control, atmospheric pollution remediation and control, solid waste pollution prevention, conservation of ecosystem, cleaner production and circular economy, etc., which goes closely around demands of national economic social development as well as environmental protection progress.

In 21st Century, the strategic target for new-period China is to persist in human-oriented principle, constructing harmonious society, in which resource-saving and environmental-friendly society would be built with all-round corresponding sustainable development. Now, China is at a new development period transforming from stage of environment sacrificing for economic development to that of environment optimizing for economic progress. Environmental protection has attained great attention. The transformation is not only historical transition in China’s development progress but also important historical turning point in China’s environmental protection career.


At the key time of this important historical transformation, CRAES would continue performing important tasks to develop China’s science and technology in environmental protection, solve main environmental problems in social economic development, carry out international cooperation and communication concerning global environmental issues, serve for national macro-decision making, train senior Professional talents, shoulder national environmental protection basic research, frontage high-tech research, scientifically and technologically supporting plan research, social commonweal key technology research as well as key technology integration, demonstration, promotion and transition. CRAES would dedicate to contributions to China’s harmonious development of economy, society and environment and construction of environmental-friendly society.

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science


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